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At Benchmark, we are very proud of our technical diagnostic capabilities. We have built a strong diagnostic team supported with the most modern test equipment and online vehicle information subscriptions to help solve the toughest vehicle problems. Our professional service team recognize the importance of informing and educating you of the condition of your vehicle and professionally offering those services to help you get the most out of your vehicle.

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[bench-mahrk] –noun

  1. a standard of excellence, achievement, etc., against which similar things must be measured or judged: Their service is a benchmark in the automotive industry.

  2. any standard or reference by which others can be measured or judged The professionalism and accuracy of our service may become the industry benchmark.
Benchmark Automotive's Name

The name Benchmark Automotive found us when we were doing our business name search and has been our inspiration to be “the point of reference”  in our industry, schools, and community. Benchmark Automotive opened its doors July 2004. We came to recognize our role in our community, and industry, as an automotive service provider.

There are two main elements in the automotive industry; the customer and the technician. We have a professionally trained team and management system that:

  1. Keeps you, the customer, informed of, and in control of, the decisions regarding your vehicle.
  2. Allows the technician to do a complete and professional job.
Experienced & Reliable

Our Team

We value each member of our team and recognize that they are our strongest asset! And that each of their contributions make a visible difference. It is with each team members unique skills and personalities that contribute to Benchmark Automotive’s vision and success. Having a great team culture is key to providing an excellent customer experience.

Our culture is centered around our ability to deliver the best customer experience, ensuring each repair is delivered to the highest standards with complete transparency, and a personal touch.

Our Services
Full Service Facility

What We Do

We are a FULL service facility. We work on trucks and cars, domestic or import, small up to 550 series, alternate fuels, and hybrids. 

We are equipped to diagnose the toughest gas or diesel engine issues.

Our Services
We Have the Tools


We have the tools and equipment for oil changes, maintenance services, drive line repairs, air conditioning, wheel alignments, brakes and tires.

We are a Provincial Inspection Facility.