Commercial & Fleet

Fleet Service Providers

Fleet operations are critical to the smooth running of a company . We encourage all clients to contact our knowledgeable staff for your specific needs .

We recommend that all clients be involved with a service provider with whom you have established a trust. In building a partnership with your service provider, they will coach you to decisions that you can make collectively on a plan suited to the needs of the vehicle. The operation of the vehicle can dictate a specific plan. For example: trailer towing, short or long trips or climate may dictate a particular plan suited to the criteria the vehicle is exposed to. Consult with the provider until a clear short and long term plan has been established. 

We have the desire to help you with your plan. Please consult any of our friendly staff for your specific plan. This will also include new vehicle purchases. 


Designated Commercial & Provincial Vehicle Inspection Facility

A motor vehicle standard is in place in our province , and we take pride in maintaining your safety at all facets of any repair process.

Whether you require a provincial or commercial vehicle inspection, our knowledgeable staff can help guide you through the process.

We can inspect vehicles requiring inspections up to a maximum of 17,300 KG. Commercial vehicle inspections are required once a year and must meet regulated safety and mechanical compliance requirements according to Commercial Vehicle Inspection Standards. It is up to the inspector to accurately interpret and apply BC motor vehicle regulatory standards, Canadian manufacturing standards, national and international vehicle safety standards. 

It is the program’s intent to maintain road safety and ensure compliant and safe vehicles are operating on BC roadways.

Vehicle Maintenance

Guidance on a plan and vehicle needs so you can make informed decisions. We invite you to take advantage of our maintenance and repair plans today. 

Maintenance is a long term relationship with you, your vehicle and Benchmark Automotive Services Inc. Through our automotive experience, we have come to appreciate the benefits of regular maintenance, inspections and using a consistent service provider. 

Diagnostic & Repair

Vehicle operating systems have become more complex, and require professionally trained technicians and sophisticated diagnostic equipment.

We have the latest up to date diagnostic equipment, computers, online subscriptions, wiring diagrams, training and test procedures to identify and repair your vehicles concerns.

We Are Avetta Certified