Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicles, as we evolve, have become more complex and as we integrate safety and creature comforts such as smart air bags and stability control, other items such as blue tooth and GPS all contribute to increased strategies both for the vehicle and how it will process data and how this information is interpreted by the technician. The average vehicle in the early 1990’s consisted of only 2 or 3 computer modules. In the current models the average number of computer modules will be 12-14 or even as many as 34 all networked together. These current models are not a problem for our technicians as we are properly trained and have the proper tooling.

Repair& Maintenance

Repairs to your vehicle are, and have been, the same for many years however as the vehicle manufactures have produced products that have increased the longevity, we also are interested in your investment. Some of the servicing has changed and although items such as fluids appear ok, they have lost the lubricity or have become toxic to metals. We can test or help in the evaluation of the “NEEDS” of your car and avert costly expenditures.

If, however, repairs are required we can provide this service to all makes and product lines.

Maintenance Management Providers

We recommend that all clients be involved with a service provider with who you have established a trust. This provider will coach you to decisions that you can make collectively on a plan suited to the needs of the vehicle. The operation of the vehicle can dictate a specific plan. For example trailer towing, short or long trips or climate may dictate a particular plan suited to the criteria the vehicle is exposed to. Consult with the provider until a clear short and long term plan have been established. We have the desire to help you with your plan. Please consult any of our friendly staff for your specific plan. This will also include new vehicle purchases.

Oil Changes

For new car warranty maintenance, scheduled maintenance, window reminder maintenance, dirty low engine oil, we will:

REPLACE  your dirty engine oil and filter

LUBRICATE steering and suspension

INSPECT your vehicle for signs of wear

MONITOR  your vehicles systems

REPORT the technicians findings, observations and recommendations

Tire Sales, Repairs & Changeovers

For old, worn, bald, summer, or winter tires needs we will:


REPAIR tires

SELL tires

ROTATE tires

CHANGE over summer and winter tires



For brakes, suspension, drive line noises, vibrations, failures we will:

FIND OUT  what is wrong with your vehicles brakes, steering, suspension, engine, transmission, transfer case or differential

REPORT on our findings

PROVIDE an estimate for your authorization

FIX what is wrong with your vehicle

RECOMMEND maintenance to keep your vehicle running for as long and inexpensively  as possible,

TRACK and inform you of recommended maintenance.

Steering & Suspension Diagnostics, Repairs & Servicing 

Driving in the central interior can be a challenge, for many months of the year. These types of conditions can cause misalignment of the geometry of your vehicle and initiate premature or irregular wear. Being proactive can save hundreds of dollars of tire wear thus extending your investment.

We are equipped to do any repairs or servicing your vehicle requires.





Wheel Alignments

The owner of a vehicle should have the details of suspension inspected at least annually. We do include these checks at normal maintenance intervals. Aligning your vehicle will extend tire and braking performance and extend tire life.

Electrical & Electronics

These topics can be a challenge but whether you are working on your vehicle in the field or having us complete the repairs, we are more than capable to complete the task. Our technicians maintain a strict training regime and are able to map out any electronic problem regardless of it’s complexity.

Fuel Injection – Diagnostics, Repairs & Servicing

All vehicles today are using a computer to manage fuel delivery. It is so precise that control is within 3 % of stichiometric (perfect air/fuel mixture). Our ability to maintain your vehicle is very routine and is not a problem. Our staff using OE tooling are more than capable to diagnose and make the proper adjustments to set perfect mixture.

Tune ups

Conventional tune-ups are no longer. As we view each product line and their specific other routines such as injector cleaners or decarbonizing will need to be a consideration and to follow the suggested manufactures routines. Filtration has also changed and we can advise you of your needs as we strive to achieve longevity of your investment and prevent a breakdown.

Diesel Diagnostics, Repairs & Servicing

We are able to master the repairs as diverse as an engine teardown or a simple fuel mileage concern. As diesel engines evolve into more product lines, because of their high torque and turbocharger features, the mandate has tightened for emissions. We at Benchmark are a very “Green” company and maintaining the tight restrictions is not difficult.

Hybrid Diagnostics, Repairs & Servicing

A new flavor of propulsion, where we take the laws of physics and apply them to the mechanics of your automobile. Conventional thoughts on braking used friction to stop or slow the vehicle, now we convert friction to attraction as we divert huge volumes of electrons into a battery, thus “filling your tank” to be used at a later time.



Air Conditioning Diagnostics, Repairs & Servicing

For annual air conditioning system inspections, or a system that’s not cooling properly we have the latest up to date test equipment, computers, online manuals, wiring diagrams, training and test procedures to identify and repair your air conditioning concerns.

Alternate Fuel [CNG/LPG] Diagnostics, Repairs & Servicing

For check engine lights, dash warning lights, no starts, rough running, stalling, hesitations we use the latest up to date test equipment, computers, online manuals, wiring diagrams, training and test procedures to identify and repair your drivability concerns

We have an authorization policy at Benchmark that keeps you informed and in control of all the decisions. No surprises.

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Management [PHH ARI JPL etc.]

Fleet operations are critical to the smooth running of a company. We encourage all clients to contact our staff for your specific needs.



Provincial Vehicle Inspection Facility

A motor vehicle standard is in place in our province and we take pride in maintaining your safety at all facets of any repair process. Consultation at any time is encouraged.